The Storefront Theater, Jury Winner of 2018 Architizer A+ Award

Matthew Mazzotta, Storefront Theatre, 2016.

Alumnus Matthew Mazzotta has created something out of nothing.

In the small town of Lyons, Nebraska, where Main Street was once filled with the hustle and bustle of locals, it is now filled with empty store fronts and the inhabitants are looking for a way to engage the street again. Among the empty store fronts, however, one is not as empty as the rest. What was once just a blank store front is now a portable theater, built to seat 100 people. At the touch of a button, two hydraulic pumps help to lower the store front down to create this outdoor theater that the town can gather around.

With this creation, Mazzotta has been named the jury winner of the 2018 Architizer A+ Award in the Concepts – Plus-Architecture + Community category. This sixth awarding of the prize is meant to highlight the importance of architecture in our everyday lives. Without architects, there would be no buildings to go to work in or to live in; this award is about showing people there is a necessity, as well as an art, to building design. Entries were judged by a diverse group of over 400 fashion designers, product designers, real estate developers, and others, and included a popular vote portion as well.

Congratulations to Matthew on this accomplishment!