ACT Cubed: A Summer Series — 8/17/2019

Where in the World is ACT? Yaroslav Prokopenko, Globe on a blurred background of the political map of the world

ACT Community Quote:
Both artists and scientists are at the forefront of pushing human thought forward.” — Erin Genia, SMACT ’19


A Medialab Prado collaboration, Breath is a video element of The longing grew as this body waxed, the longing grows as this body wanes, 2019. The work is  part of research about collaborative living with microbial communities.


The Cube is the heart of the Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT). It is the studio home of our students, a place for experimentation, dialogue, and production. It is an ACT classroom, performance, and presentation space where ACT’s integrated approach to pedagogy, public events programming, exhibitions, and publications is most evident. The Cube traverses disciplines, formats, practices, and worlds. It is in the Cube that ACT builds a community of artist-thinkers who explore art’s complex relationship to culture and technology.

Summer Residencies


During the summer, ACT’s artists become international travelers, exploring ways to push the public discourse in their singular way. Where in the world is ACT and what are ACT artist-thinkers experiencing, discovering, and creating? Click on the images below and find out!


Where in the World is ACT?

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