Sound, Air, Earth | Artist Panel Moderated by Erin Genia

Erin Genia (Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate), Okoŋwaŋžidaŋ, at Urbano Project, 2019. Exhibition view.

Artists Panel: Sound, Air, Earth
November 14

On November 14th, Urbano Project Artist-in-Residence Erin Genia (SMACT ’19) will moderate a discussion between Urbano Project’s Artist-in-Residence Rachel Allen and artists Nicole L’Huillier and Nancy Valladares, a current ACT graduate student. These female artists will speak about their processes in working with unconventional materials and pushing the boundaries of the creative process in engaging with air, sound, and earth in their work.

Erin is a multidisciplinary Dakota artist, whose practice merges cultural imperatives, pure expression, and exploration of materiality, with a response to past, present, and future matters.

Okoŋwaŋžidaŋ means oneness, being of one mind in Dakota language. How can we create Okoŋwaŋžidaŋ as we seek to address the issues of climate change and mass ecological destruction?

In Dakota philosophy, all things exist within a continuum of life, and the concept of mitakuye oyasin – we are all related, extends not only to other people, but to animals, plants, minerals, electricity, air, objects, and everything in existence. As we operate within political and economic systems that divide us, people have forgotten that we are not separate from the earth – we are the earth. With this in mind, how can we respect the agency of the inherent life in everything around us?

To explore these concepts, Genia created an installation of sound vessels, paintings and a video projection of her performative character, “Earthling.” Her exhibition, Okoŋwaŋžidaŋis on view until December 21, 2019.