Mario Caro at 21st Contemporary Art Biennial Videobrasil


On Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 5:30 pm at the Sesc in São Paulo, Brazil, ACT Lecturer Mario Caro will be in a conversation with Ampam Karakras and  Kamikia Kisêdjê on the topic of “Resistance and the image in the Production of the Indigenous World.” This public seminar is as part of the  Contemporary Art Biennial Videobrasil, currently taking place. The theme for the exhibition is “Imagined Communities,” which will explore “the presence of nationalism as a means to understanding the disputes that mark our time.”

The 21st Biennial borrows the title from Benedict Anderson’s classic study to reflect on forms of social and community organization existing beyond, on the fringes or in the breaches of nation states: religious or mystical communities, refugee groups uprooted from their original land, clandestine, fictional and utopian communities or those constituted in the underground worlds of bodily and sexual experiences.

That is the horizon featured in the works by artists from indigenous groups or original peoples from Brazil, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru and New Zealand that deal with the issues present in the making and representation of those cultures in art and the world, in works that address the queer/LGBT universe, racial issues, and border conflicts.