Jessica Sarah Rinland Selected for Ikusmira Berriak Script Residency

Jessica Sarah RInland, Collective Monologue/Monólogo Colectivo, 2019.

Jessica Sarah Rinland (SMACT ’18) has been named as one of five filmmakers for the Ikusmira Berriak, a script residency and development program organized by the San Sebastian International Film Festival. She will be working on her piece Collective Monologue.

In 1936 psychologist Jean Piaget coined the term “Collective Monologue”: a period of egocentrism in a child’s life where they see the point of view of the listener as irrelevant. They believe that nature is created for them, and that they can control it.

Length: 90′
Language: Spanish
Shooting location: Argentina

Synopsis: A zookeeper and construction worker who have both worked at the local zoo for many years have only seen each other in passing. When bumping into each other at a new year’s eve bonfire, their friendship begins. Collective Monologue follows them working at the zoo as they engage in long conversations, sharing stories and knowledge about architecture, animals, the future of the zoo, family and history. What starts with active listening and long conversations develops into camaraderie and action.

About the program: The selected quintet will take part in an eight-week residency (up from six weeks at the previous edition) at the Tabakalera, a former Tobacco factory-turned-cultural centre in San Sebastian, from March 2. In September, they will travel to the San Sebastian festival to complete the final two weeks of the program, before sharing their work with attending industry in an organized pitching session. Each project will also receive a $5,500 (€5,000) grant. This year’s call for selections received 185 total proposals, up 6% on last year. The event is run with the Tabakalera – International Centre for Contemporary Culture and Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola.