Po-Hao Chi’s (SMACT ’21) “Encounter” at National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, Taiwan

Chi Po-Hao, Encounter, 2020.

【2020 Taiwan Dance Platform】“Encounter” Interactive Exhibits

As you walk down familiar streets day by day and pass by the sights and sounds without taking them in, this subtle sensory input is etched into your sense memory, passively waiting to be awakened. Sound artist Chi Po-hao (SMACT ’21) explored the sounds of everyday life in the streets of Fengshan, Kaohsiung. In this exhibition, CHI invites visitors to participate in the interactive exhibits. By simply using your ears and your body, you can activate dierent sounds by touching the exhibits and jog your memory of the sensory information that pervades your everyday life. Visit this exhibition for a beautiful encounter with an unfamiliar part of yourself.

Artist Introduction:
Chi Po-Hao is a musician and artist from Taiwan. He holds a Master of Music Degree from Goldsmiths College, University of London and Bachelors Degree in Economics from National Taiwan University. His works, principally involving but not limited to live electronic, electroacoustic composition and installation. He usually applied self-made tools and found objects that are based on electronic devices, everyday materials and junk, as well as customized tools developed in Max ∕ MSP in performances.

Creative and Production Team

Artist |CHI Po-hao

Creative Supervisor|Lin Huan-ling,Music Designer|Wu Shang-yun

Visual Designer|Foresters Studio,LOTS studio

Creative Supervision|LIN Huan-ling

Cultural Consultant|XU Zhi-cheng

Photo Credits|LIU Zhi-ren,Fengshan