Lecturers 2016

Since 1995, Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol work collaboratively as Bik Van der Pol. Working as a collective is a conscious political and artistic choice. Radically moving away from the studio as a place of production, they took the artistic workplace itself -practice- as the format of research and production. Each project starts with investigation of the framework in which it will present itself as performative platform, and engages in a dialogue with the context. Their practice is invested in public, common space; in how and what ways citizens have access to and can participate in forming this space, how art can be a tool or a place to generate forms of knowledge, how this relates to ‘publicness’. Their main questions are: How is the psychological experience of space affected by intensified urbanization, communication, and exchange of information and mediatization of politics? What is this space, who owns it, who decides, who is listening, and what role can citizens play and claim, if we understand the role of art to disclose and articulate meaning in dialogue with other fields of knowledge to produce a public sphere?


Recent Projects

Eminent Domain at Powerplant, Toronto, June 20-September 7, 2015

Future Light, Vienna Biennale, Ideas for Change,  at MAK, Vienna, June 11-October 4, 2015

Speechless at PAMM Miami, until February 21, 2016


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