Technical Instructor 2007 - 2009

Charles is the Media Assistant for the Visual Arts Program, which entails teaching and helping students learn hands-on building skills.  He gives demonstrations on a wide array of materials and processes, including mold-making and casting, woodworking, welding and fabrication, and sewing.  He also serves as a resource to the Visual Arts Graduate Students, and acts as a manager for the first floor work spaces.

Charles graduated with a dual BA from the Massachusetts College of Art, where he studied sculpture and art-education.  Before becoming involved with the Visual Arts Program, he worked for a number of artists in the Providence, RI area, assisting in the production of large cast-glass and bronze sculptures.

For personal enjoyment, Charles engages in a multitude of outdoor activities such as backpacking and rock-climbing.  He also creates sculptures mostly in translucent materials such as glass, plastic and rubber.