Nicolas Kisic Aguirre is an architect and writer from Peru.

He studied architecture in the PUCP university in Lima, where he also became a teacher between 2012 and 2014. During the same time, he co-founded TARATA as a base to explore and propose around the fields of architecture and design. From that same place, and nurtured by the constant dialogue within the office, he started publishing opinion articles discussing urban and social issues.

His columns were published initially in the Radar5 online section of Coherencia, a youth political movement in Peru. Later on, Velaverde magazine published them weekly in print and online.

He recently finished the Fab Academy course on digital fabrication, where he started a smaller scale artistic production, shown in his project “Drum Machine 1.0”, a modular sound machine capable of growing and becoming more complex with time and investigation.

During the summer of 2015 he assisted Stanford University’s summer session where he engaged in research and learnings within the fields of anthropology and environmental studies.

Exploring the power of sound with Modular Rhythm Machine from Design Indaba