Dylan Gauthier: Speculative infrastructures, collaboration, and the “eco-social good”

Visiting Newtown Creek, an urban Superfund site in New York City, with artists Brie Ruais and Mary Walling Blackburn, as part of the participatory performance project What Wilderness (2015)

Dylan Gauthier will give a talk on his recent work and decade-long collaborative practice with his collective Mare Liberum (www.thefreeseas.org).

Founded in 2007, Mare Liberum is a waterborne art and publishing collective that takes as its mission the bridging of dialogues in art, design, activism, and science to remap landscapes, reclaim local ecologies, and observe and record the overlaps of nature, industry, and the polis.

Threading with Mare Liberum’s work, Gauthier’s practice has engaged with urban waterways as overlooked and often neglected public spaces and forms of urban wilderness from which new eco-social pedagogies, infrastructures, and subjectivities might be developed. How might we collectively reimagine cities as foundational sites in which to (re)learn an ecology for contemporary crisis?

11:00am – 12:30pm in the ACT Cube (E15-001)

Part of the ACT Artistic Research Luncheon Series.


  • act cube
    20 Ames Street
    Cambridge, MA 02142