ACT Archive Pop-Up Exhibit: Archiving the Intersection of Art and Technology


As the new archivist for ACT, Thera Webb has been exploring the amazing breadth of the special collections. She thinks it’s important for this collection to be open not only to people doing research on specific subjects/art practices, but also to MIT students, faculty, staff, and anybody in the greater Boston area.

She is planning on holding regular pop-up exhibits in the archive room, featuring different interesting artifacts. This first exhibit, Archiving the Intersection of Art and Technology, traces the path of the department beginning with course catalogs from the late 1970s when the Master of Science in Visual Studies was started. The exhibit highlights images of art created by fellows and students, a collection of the (at the time) cutting edge technology, including laser discs and betamax film, used in the department to record performances and other student work,  exhibition catalogs and books, and a selection of rolodexes from the original CAVS offices.

Please come by and learn a little about the history of ACT April 17-19, and 24-26!


  • act archive
    Wiesner Building E15
    Second Floor
    20 Ames Street
    Cambridge, MA

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