Artistic Intelligence, Speculation, Prototypes, Fiction. Learning Through Artistic Methods.


Saturday, April 28
10:00am –11:30am
ACT Cube, e15-001

Part of the Zooetics+ Symposium

Artistic methods of speculation, prototype making, modelling and fiction as pedagogical devices for ecosystemic thinking.

Sheila Kennedy and Heather Davis
Respondents: Larissa Harris and Laura Serejo Genes


Sheila Kennedy

Professor of the Practice of Architecture, MIT


Sheila Kennedy, FAIA, Professor of Architecture at MIT,  will give a talk that reflects on the agency of design in the contemporary anthropocene, when people, technology and the built environment intersect in unexpected ways with the dynamic flows of moving water and changing climates. Drawing from her interdisciplinary work and research, Kennedy will discuss recent projects on sentient nature across four global contexts: North America, Europe, Brazil, and the Atlantic.


Heather Davis

Visiting Scholar, Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, McGill University

On Becoming Plural

Amitav Ghosh wrote in his recent book The Great Derangement that “What we need … is to find a way out of the individualizing imaginary in which we are trapped” in order to adequately respond to the challenges of climate change. The work of sympoeisis is therefore vital in confronting new understandings of what it means to be human that embrace the plural, the hybrid, the incomplete and  the collective. Drawing upon thinking from microbiome science, black studies and feminist theory, this talk will explore the more- than-human as a conceptual framework that pushes beyond the dangers of individualism while attending to questions of environmental justice in the service of more liveable worlds.




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