Nicolás Consuegra’s Portátil

Nicolás Consuegra, Portátil, 2018.

Portátil by Nicolás Consuegra, on view in the plaza between the Wiesner Building (e15) and MIT Medical (e23), features Pia Lindman’s project Subsensorial Study. The works will be on view on Monday, May 21, weather permitting.

Portátil is a modular structure, which holds artworks in the open air.
Portátil provides different spatial configurations.
Portátil can change skins.

From Friday through Sunday, May 11 – 13, CAVS fellow and MIT alumna Pia Lindman gave Kalevala treatments to faculty, students, and staff members at the ACT program, MIT.

Kalevala Bone Setting (Kalevalainen jäsenkorjaus) is an ancient healing method that has been orally transferred and practiced for several hundreds of years within the cultures around the Baltic Sea. Since 2010, Lindman has been studying Kalevala Bone Setting with the Association for Finnish Folk Medicine (Kansanlääkintäseura). Kalevala Bone Setting treatments are explorative and creative events where both the person being treated and the person giving the treatment heal and learn about each other. To Pia, giving a treatment comes close to a very minute and real reality of life: bones, ligaments, cells, fluids, but also will and emotion.

About Bones
Bones have developed over hundreds of thousands of years and they form one baseline of human experience and bodily functions. If we experience pain it is often due to a conflict between our everyday life and the reality of our bones. Kalevala Bone Setting focuses on the alignment and balance of the bones of the entire body. Learning to do the treatment is like learning a language of bones, and sharing knowledge about something beyond cultural forms.

When giving a treatment, Pia senses energy in the person being treated as halos, movements, and blockages. Sometimes these energy flows appear to her as distinct colors, shapes, animals, and other living figures. These appearances are the base of the paintings in China ink and pastels that Pia makes during treatments. Although they are paintings, Pia prefers to call them Diagrams, since they are temporary energy mappings of the subsensorial realm of a person.

The subsensorial is the material for an epistemology of the not-yet-conscious or the never-to-become a conscious event. Human existence is intertwined with entities, forces, and matter – at as minute levels of reality as that of the quantum – that cohabit the world with us in an intricate web of co-dependencies. Our co-dependency is not limited to outside our bodies, but indeed continues inside us with microbes and other living and non-living entities. We usually do not feel these processes (except perhaps when sick), yet our senses, if allowed, might find ways to be in dialogue with these molecular, infinitesimal – subsensorial – events that often remain outside or beyond our normal register of sensory signaling.


  • outside of e15 and e23
    Plaza Between Wiesner Building and MIT Medical Building