Rikke Luther – artistic research luncheon

Overspill: A Universal Map, Sao Paulo Bienal, 2016.

Rikke Luther will talk about her doctoral studies in general; the specific research she is undertaking at ACT; and the broader context of her work as an independent artist and founding member of the collectives Learning Site and N55.

Rikke’s PhD Dissertation, Concrete Aesthetics: From Universal Rights to Financial Post-Democracy, examines the effects of contextual shifts in economy, society and politics since 1945 on the meaning of concrete architecture. The specific focus is on the movement from an era of ‘universal rights’ to that of ‘post-democracy,’ and the effect the shifting context has on the way concrete is perceived, and the social and political function it enacts.

Currently, as an Affiliate at ACT, she is working on a subsection of that research, specifically examining sand, which is the crucial element in concrete production. Understanding its abstraction from its environment, and the ecological and economic costs, is an important ground for understanding the larger shift in the meaning of the ‘concrete aesthetic’.

Rikke Luther works on the environmental crisis in relation to language, materials, law and financialization. Her work occupies the hinterland between the fields of landscape, architecture, speech, politics, economy, biology, drawing, photo and education.

She has held teaching positions in Denmark and given numerous guest lectures, most recently at MIT and Harvard. Her work has been presented in Biennales and Triennales [such as Venice, Singapore, Echigo-Tsumari and Auckland], museums [such as Moderna Museum, Kunsthaus Bregenz, The New Museum, Museo Tamayo, Smart Museum] and exhibitions [like Beyond Green: Towards a Sustainable Art, 48C Public.Art.Ecology, Über Lebenskunst and Weather Report: Art & Climate Change].

In 2016 she created a new work for the 32nd Bienal de São Paulo which was her first solo project in many years. Before deciding to work under her own name in 2015, Luther worked in two art collectives, co-founding Learning Site (2004-2015) and N55 (1996-2003).


  • deroth room
    20 Ames Street
    Cambridge, MA