AR lunch hour — petteri nisunen

daily_sunspot_activity_2008 Daily Sunspot Activity, University of Bergen, Student Center, Bergen, 2007, photo: Tommi Grönlund. Courtesy of the artist.

artistic research lunch hour

Petteri Nisunen – Grey Areas, In-between Disciplines

March 2o

11:00am to 12:00pm


Nisunen will share his approach to interdisciplinary collaboration and working across diverse mediums to experiment with space, be it physical, ethereal, or sonic.

He is a visual artist and architect who lives and works in Helsinki. He started his career by working in several architecture offices in Helsinki and established architects ltd. together with four partners. One of them was Tommi Grönlund, with whom he has been working as an artist since 1993, occupying the border ground between art and science. Their work has been displayed in numerous solo and group shows, biennales, and art fairs around the world. Grönlund and Nisunen have received many Finnish and foreign awards during their career, including the Finnish State Art Prize 2001, the Swedish Edstrand Foundation Art Prize 2004, and the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts 2013. They have created a number of public works. The latest can be seen at the Keilaniemi metro station in Espoo and in the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki. An extensive retrospective exhibition of their work, called Grey Area, is currently on display at the Kunsthalle Helsinki.

Nisunen is a professor of contemporary art at Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Art.