Partially Buried (Version A. Reading Script)

Renee Green, Partially Buried (Version A. Reading Script) in Words as Doors — in Language, Art, Film, 2014


“Next to cinema, which continues its existence as a celibate art, an exploded and metaphorized cinema is unfolding, muddling the borders of the art that is now becoming art.” — Jacques Rancière, “Le cinéma dans le ‘fin’ de l’art,” Cahiers du cinéma 552, 2000


Renée Green’s published script of her film Partially Buried (1996) is currently exhibited as part of Words as Doors — in Language, Art, Film in the Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst und Medien (KM–) in Graz, Austria.

This international group exhibition sets to investigate the relationship between the written word and art and film. The exhibition “starts out at a point prior to actual production, where the fundamental concept of film is developed on the level of the written word and the screenplay, with cognizance of the representative function of language.”

In 1970 Robert Smithson produced his site-specific work Partially Buried Woodshed at Kent State University in Ohio. In May of 1970 four students were shot while attending a rally protesting the U.S. invasion of Cambodia. “May 4, 1970” was painted on the Partially Buried Woodshed shortly afterward and the artwork took on another meaning. Partially Buried, the script and the film, probes these events in relation to the Green’s childhood, as she was then growing up in Ohio. The film was the first component of Green’s extensive installation Partially Buried in Three Parts (1996-1997), which involves a web of genealogical traces probed through the notions of sites of memory as well as site-specific work.

Partially Buried (Version A. Reading Script) was published in 1997 in the journal October, issue 80. For this presentation, exhibition curator Christian Egger chose to present the script in a vitrine, each page spread legible to the audience, providing yet another stimulating interpretation of the encompassing breath opened by the Cinematic Migrations Project in relation to Green’s artistic and filmic output.

Among the artists and works included in the exhibition are Bernadette Corporation, Marcel Broodthaers, Takahiko Iimura, David Lamelas, Christian Mayer, Javier Téllez, John Waters, and others. The exhibition remains on view until May 18, 2014.


Further information: Words as Doors, Künstlerhaus KM–, Graz, Austria


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