Sakiya Exhibition + Symposium

Sakiya-opening-day2080419_199 Photo: Gary Zhexi Zhang

Co-founded by ACT Assistant Professor Nida Sinnokrot, Sakiyia is located on an idyllic hillside in the village of Ein Qiniya, Ramallah. It is a progressive academy which promotes visual art, ecological preservation, sustainable agriculture and food justice. Rooted in Palestine’s rich tradition of agrarian self-sufficiency, Sakiya grafts cultural heritage together with contemporary artistic and ecological practices bringing together farmers, craftspeople, artists and scholars to create an alternative university where learning is rooted in the richness of the land.

Sakiya hosted an exhibition of works by Samia Halaby, Daoud Zalatimo, and visiting researchers entitled Between the Qaiqab and the Ballut; the exhibition was August 2.

Rewilding Pedagogy was a symposium on land, knowledge, and the commons that was held on August 3. The symposium was a platform for envisioning new networks, systems, and processes for mediating new spatial and social configurations and took the form of a Halaqa or circle of knowledgeable ones.

Below are images from the opening of the exhibition and symposium.

Sakiya Exhibition and Symposium, Opening Day, Ein Qiniya, Ramallah; August 2-3, 2019; Photos: Gary Zhexi Zhang