The Swamp Pavilion: Swamp Radio

The Swamp Pavilion, Venice, 2018. Photo: Norbert Tukaj

On Transmitting

May 23-27, 2018

This chapter will engage participants in acoustic space explorations, radio experiments, environmental sound recordings, immersiveness of sound, and data sonification.

Sound is a powerful force in organizing space; it is sound not visuals that mark dramatic shifts from one world to another in non-linear ways. Sound is capable of simultaneity and non-linearity. It surrounds and immerses us, but above all, it resonates, allowing things to respond to each other. Acoustic vibrations resonate inside the body, creating different emotions, pleasures or fears. Sound helps to expand our external world – the urban environment, nature and outer space. Scientists and artists listen to the universe, and radio signals radiate far beyond our planet after transmission.

Swamp Radio contributors
Interlocutors: Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits, sound artists (Latvia), Nicole L’Huillier, architect (Chile), Nicolás Kisic Aguirre, architect (Peru).

Tutors and contributors: Sam Auinger, sound artist (Austria), Chelsea Bruck, urbanist (USA), Beatriz Colomina, architecture theorist (USA), Erin Genia, artist (USA), Rania Ghosn (Design Earth) architect (USA), Tommi Gronlund, sound artist (Finland), Tomas Grunskis, architect (Lithuania), Jurga Katakinaitė-Jakubauskienė and Reda Valentinavičienė, artists (Lithuania), Jonas Kubilius, scientist (Lithuania), Petteri Nisunen, sound artist (Finland), Jana Winderen, sound artist (Norway), Francisco Lopez, sound artist (Spain), Kate Orff, architect (USA), Antanas Šarkauskas & Gabrielė Šarkauskienė, ŠA architects (Lithuania), Kęstas Vaikšnoras, architect (Lithuania), Yvonne Volkart, critic, curator (Switzerland), Aline Veillat, researcher (Switzerland), Mark Wigley, architecture theorist (USA)


Swamp Radio program
The opening week of the Swamp School engaged the audience in acoustic space explorations from radio experiments, to environmental sound recordings, immersiveness of sound, and data sonification.

Wednesday, May 23
10:00 AM Lectures:
Evocations of the Swamp by Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas
Hybrid Radio by Nicole L’Huillier
Acoustic Tipi by Erin Genia
Audible Landscapes by Jana Winderen
Sonic Commons by Sam Auinger
Sensory Perception by Petteri Nissunen & Tommi Grönlund

5:00 PM Geostories by Design Earth (Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy), book launch event in conversation with Pippo Chiorra

8:00 PM Lecture-performance by Sam Auinger


Thursday, May 24
10:00 AM Lectures:
Evocation of the Swamp by Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas
Transcendental Listening by Francisco Lopez
Biotricity and Ecodata Sonification by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits
The Speaker Tower by Nicolas Kisic Aguirre


Friday, May 25
9:30 AM Building The Swamp Pavilion with Pippo Chiorra and Lithuanian Architects

11:00 AM Kate Orff with Nicole L’Huillier – Live radio broadcast from the swamp– field trip

4:00 PM Opening of the Swamp School
Audible Landscapes, performance by Jana Winderen

9:30 PM Transcendental Listening, performance by Francisco Lopez

11:00 PM Baltic opening party-450 Castello, 30122 Venezia VE, Italy


Saturday, May 26
10:00 AM La casa di un uomo Anfibio, children workshop by ŠA architects

12:00 PM Placetime sono mix VCE: 45°25’38’’N 12°21’30’’E/ 18.05.25-27, 2018 performance by Tomas Grunskis

2:00 PM Lectures:
The Architecture of Entanglement Ontology by Pelin Tan
Broadcasting Yourself: Social Media Urbanism by Beatriz Colomina
Human Insects: The Architecture of Radio by Mark Wigley

6:00 PM Emitting Forest Lab @ Swamp Radio symposium: ECODATA – ECOMEDIA – ECOAESTHETICS
Presentations by Yvonne Volkart, Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits, Aline Veillat – ECODATA research project by HGK FHNW, Basel, cooperation with forest and climate change researchers from WSL, Switzerland; followed by open public discussion on art, science, technologies and ecology. Welcome speech by Marianne Burki, Head of Visual Arts at the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.


Sunday, May 27
10:00 AM La casa di un uomo Anfibio, children workshop by ŠA architects

2:30 PM Swamp Radio transmission program
Kate Orff and Nicole L’Huillier (Live radio broadcast from the swamp– presentation of a field trip)
Sonic Commons with Sam Auinger and Chelsea Bruck
Audible Landscapes with Jana Winderen and Erin Genia
Sensory Perception with Petteri Nissunen & Tommi Gronlund and Nicolas Kisic Aguirre

6:30 PM Lecture-performance by various artists