sediments | a running display | of islands in the making | at MIT

Sediments corridor Image credit: John Steiner

Sediments / a running display of Islands in the making / at MIT

By the spring of 2018, the MIT Program in Art, Culture & Technology (ACT) is aiming to produce a new piece of water-bound cultural infrastructure on the Charles River—a future learning environment on the water. The MIT Island will be offered as a prototype to stimulate our collective imaginations about the possibilities for civic and educational spaces that support site-sensitive cultural activity and bring us closer to waterways increasingly strained by climate change and industrial negligence.

Leading up to this 2018 installation, the ACT corridor on the second floor of Building E15 will host an evolving display of plans, sketches, models, and other ideational materials for the Island, as well as archival materials from ACT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies Special Collection. Indeed, ACT’s Island project draws inspiration from a series of collaborative installations proposed by Fellows at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, collectively named the Charles River Project (1971–1974). With the use of large-scale wall-mounted vitrines and monitor displays, Sediments layers this fascinating CAVS material into ACT’s vision for a path-marking facility on, in, and by the water.

With these Island projects, ACT is proud to carry forward the CAVS legacy of bringing together players from the visual arts, architecture, and engineering to engage with MIT’s neighboring waterway.

April 23, 2016–ongoing

ACT corridor, 20 Ames Street, Cambridge MA E-15, second floor

Featuring work from ACT students

Zachary Angles

Iris Fung

Mariana Gutheim

Joshuah Howard

Julie Ko

Gabriel Munoz Moreno

Aaron Rose

Abraham Zamcheck


  • program in art, culture and technology e15-212
    Building E15-212
    20 Ames Street, Cambridge MA
    2nd floor

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