Kinetic | Speakers | a performance with Jan St Werner

Kinetic Speakers

Kinetic / Speakers / Experimental Sound Creations


Kinetic Speakers and the Experimental Sound Creations class will present the first results of their research on Kinetic sound objects and electroacoustic sound diffusion. German experimental composer and musician Jan St. Werner, highlights critical aspects of sound to create a multi-layered deconstruction of music and sound. Taking lessons from both the history and present of experimental composing, recording, and performance students developed their individual perspectives on sound and its associated conventions. This will be a showcase of the culmination of a semester’s worth of research and experimentation. The result is a collective composition derived by the students and diffused via 12 Kinetic Speakers which are also designed and constructed by the students. The performance will include videos, projected sound works, manifestos, sound pieces, and more, scripted and performed by the students. The students will generate a creative sound space that acts as stage, a workspace, a thinking place, a gallery and an archive.

There is a profound relationship between sound, body and space. To explore these concepts, this class connects traditional and theoretical knowledge with hands on experimentation to experience sound as an unstable yet sculptural art form. We reject the notion that recorded or acousmatic music is best reproduced on traditional mono or stereo speaker systems. We diffuse and listen to sound in relation to the variety of spacial properties and learn that sound and space react with one other in very complex ways. Thus we gain new perspectives on sound and performance. The class actively takes part by learning and inventing production techniques, understanding basic principles of acoustic & experimental music, and inventing new strategies for sound perception.

On May 4th, 2016 the students of the Kinetic Speakers and Experimental Sound Creation course will present a dynamic lecture and performance. This unique event will provide insight into the class and highlight the wide range of material learned throughout the semester. This includes listening experiments, solo and group sound works, speaker objects, text and video presentations.

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Featured Students

Christina Chen – MIT / School of Architecture and Planning

Langston Fitts – MIT / Mechanical Engineering

Liang Hai – Harvard GSD / Masters Art, Design and Public Domain

Nicole L’Huillier – MIT / School of Architecture and Planning

So Yeon Lim – MIT / School of Architecture and Planning

Xinyi Ma – MIT / School of Architecture and Planning

Mydung Nguyen – MIT / School of Architecture and Planning

Adam Pere – Harvard GSD / MDes. Technology

Sean Phillips – MIT / School of Architecture and Planning

Andy Stuhl – MIT / Comparative Media Studies

Brain Tice – MIT / MediaLab, Viral Communications

Instructor / Jan St. Werner

Best known as one half of the innovative German electronic duo Mouse on Mars, Jan St. Werner also pursued a solo career as Lithops and under his own name. He began releasing music as Lithops in the mid-’90s (around the time of his collaboration with Markus Popp as Microstoria), issuing several singles and two full-lengths, Umi Unit and Didot, by the end of the decade. Despite St. Werner’s work with Mouse on Mars and the duo’s spinoff project with the Fall’s Mark E. Smith, Von Südenfed, Lithops’ output continued at a steady pace in the 2000s, including albums like Scrypt and the two-part release Mound Magnet as well as compilations such as Queries and Ye Viols! During the 2000s, St. Werner also acted as the artistic director for Amsterdam’s Institute for Electronic Music STEIM. In 2013, St. Werner released Blaze Colour Burn, the first of a series of experimental releases called Fiepblatter Catalogue, on Thrill Jockey. The second volume, Transcendental Animal Numbers, which used extreme dynamic and frequency shifts to approximate the random-yet-organic quality of field recordings, appeared in 2014. In 2015, St. Werner collaborated with members of Earth, Oval and Bo Ningen on Miscontinuum Album, which had already been performed as an opera and radio play in the four years prior to its release. Werner wrote music for ensembles and orchestras, composed pieces for German public radio, and produced installations for art galleries and museums. His new album “Felder” just came out in Thrill Jockey on April 1st 2016.

TA / Jose A Rivera

Jose A. Rivera (aka Proxemia) is a sound/media artist, and designer. Prior to receiving his BS in Architecture and Environmental Design from Kent State University in 2011, he received NASA’s Intern Team of the Year Award in 2008, held a graphic design residency with Building Bridges Arts Collaborative in 2009, and exhibited architectural work in Florence, Italy, in 2010. Exploring the intersections of aural and spatial experience, his current work is primarily expressed through the disciplines of experimental music, sound design, acoustic ecology, cartography, art, and architecture. Along with numerous sound projects, performances and collaborations, his fluid body of work also includes an open-air performance space for a youth dance and drumming group in rural Ghana.


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