Joan Jonas: I Want to Live in the Country (and Other Romance...

Public Space? Lost and Found


Riparian Territory

Krzysztof Wodiczko: The Abolition of War

Endless Dreams and Time-Based Streams

Ongoing Becomings: Retrospective 1989-2009

Negotiations in the Contact Zone

Shadows and Signals

Between and Including

Artist/Author: Contemporary Artists' Books

Certain Miscellanies: Some Documents

After the Ten Thousand Things

Camino Road

World Tour

Case Study

Pedagogy, Art and Public Space

Sture Johannesson

Reenvisioning the Internet: Create Tools that Reveal its Ide...

Lu Yang’s Final Fantasy

Can Chinese Blockbuster ‘The Wandering Earth’ Take Clima...

The Space that Art Makes

Liminal Zones / Coursing Flows

Said Said . . .

Are you Ready for TV?

Judith Barry and Ken Saylor Discuss Labor Issues in the Gulf...

About Brain: For when all that was read was… so as not to...

Judith Barry on technology

Public Fantasy

Body Without Limits

Other Planes of There


One Proton at a Time. Art's Psychedelic Connection

SEARCH: Works 1998-2005

“The Fallen Angel. The building of Oslobodjenje in the con...

“Arizona Road. The Discovery of the Urban Phenomenon: Ari...

“The Bosnian Chronicle"

“The Generic Mosque. Design Principles for Mosque Design...

“Living Monument”

“The World as a Mosque” and “Kunstmoschee”

“A-national Heroes”

“Echo of Islam in the West: Reactions to the Wearable Mosq...

Designs für die wirkliche Welt (Designs for the Real World)

Urban Ecology: Detroit and Beyond

Encyclopedia of Islam in the United States. Vol.1.

The Mosque. Political, Architectural and Social Transformati...

Divided God And Intercultural Dialogue

“Flocking Mosque”

"Nomadic Mosque: Wearable Prayer Space for Contemporary Isla...

Ad Usum: To Be Used: Works by Pedro Reyes

Muntadas On Translation: The Museum

Muntadas On Translation: The Games

Antoni Muntadas: On Translation: Giardini

Antoni Muntadas: Protokolle

Muntadas: On Translation (Paperback edition)

“Postsozialitische Moscheen” ('Post-Socialist Mosques')

Joan Jonas: the Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things

Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas. Devices for Action

PORTS AND SHIPS, 2004 - 2008

Visions - MIT Interviews

Lo que nos queda. What's left ... what remains?

Magne Furuholmen: In Transit

Stephen Willats: Art Society Feedback

Intellectual Birdhouse

Villa Lithuania

Joan Jonas: Timelines: Transparencies in a Dark Room

Joan Jonas