Lo que nos queda. What’s left … what remains?

David Harvey, Yvonne P. Doderer, Oliver Marchart, Santiago García Navarro, Ery Camara, Amar Kanwar, Joan Jonas, Katherine Carl, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Vangelis Vlahos, Osvaldo Sánchez, John Beverly, Carles Guerra, Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas, Gabriela Rangel M., Lee Weng Choy.

Works or art have been transformed into investments that promise high revenue not only to individual collector, but increasingly also to corporate portfolios. If the cash flows, who cares that art circulated in secondary markets serves as mere financial speculation or money laundering?

What’s left… What remains? To be done by artists and other intellectuals in the artistic field forty years after 1968? And what is left to be done at the location of these symposium series-Mexico City-forty years after the incomprehensible Tlaltelolco massacre? To situate SITAC VI in the recently established Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco was a challenge. The building complex previously occupied by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Conference part of SITAC VI was to be staged in what had been the foreign ministry’s ballroom, and the three Clinics in what had been the ministry’s international meeting rooms.

Published by SITAC (Simposio Internacional de Teoría sobre Arte Contemporáneo), 2009

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