Reenvisioning the Internet: Create Tools that Reveal its Ideological Infrastructures

Gary Zhexi Zhang, Arena Sketches.

I’ve been told that the web used to move much more quickly in the ’90s, with every year resembling a completely different landscape. Getting online in the 2000s, I experienced the last years of an “older” kind of web that still felt exploratory, accidental, and intimate on an individual level. Homepages were more private than professional; strangers would pop up out of nowhere to ask for your “asl”age, sex, location—because you could be anyone, anywhere. There was  an implicit trust, a kind of performative vulnerability that has since moved elsewhere—into private networks, offline spaces, or live broadcasts.

Full text on Walker Art Center’s Soundboard.


  • Author Gary Zhexi Zhang
    Publisher Walker Art Center Soundboard
    Year 2019