The selection of projects in this volume is framed within the context of a search and, though diverse in subject matter and medium, addresses a specific group of questions and implies a structured set of ideas. Works such as “Fire”, “Who by Fire”, and “Search” consider the individual’s struggle to know and understand his or her world and corporeality. “On Mass Experience”, “Beloved Child”, and “Divers” deal directly with the individual’s experience within a group, morality, ideology, or the transformative nature of group dynamics. This toggling between the individual and the group has been a main theme in Frank’s work throughout her career. Her biography and command of the mediums of painting and photography, among others, have provided both the framework and palette for how she chooses to contemplate, articulate, and assimilate the seminal human apprehension of morality, history and individual choice.

Published by Aracne Editrice, Italy, 2010.

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  • Author Andrea Frank
    Publisher Aracne Editrice
    Year 2010
    Country Italy

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