This volume addresses today’s urgent and diverse global challenges. Inspired by the fact that in every hallway at MIT, where Frank teaches Photography and Related Media in the MIT Visual Arts Program, there are world-class minds conducting cutting-edge research, she set out to sew together disparate threads by creating a kaleidoscopic subjective interview collection.

The interviewees for this volume were asked to reflect upon aspects of their research that address current pressing issues such as climate change, geo-political instabilities, adverse effects of globalization, the energy crisis, social tensions, and health epidemics. While some interviewees deal with these challenges directly in their research, others nip at the edges, shadows, and depths in more abstract and conceptual work. The choice and sequencing of the interviews in this compilation encourages the reader to make cross-connections among many disciplines. By recognizing the unifying elements that run throughout, and by joining together starkly different pieces of the same puzzle, the reader will gain a unique apprehension of not just each individual subject, but the entire human curriculum.

For the purpose of consistency, all interviews are structured around four simple questions: the focus of interviewee s work, recent changes in and around the respective field, the global context and visions for the future, and possible implications or downsides.

Published by Andrea Frank, March 2008

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  • Author Andrea Frank

    Editor Jerry Adler
    Publisher Andrea Frank
    Year 2008
    Country USA

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