Fall 2019 Lecture Series | The Inexplicable Wonder of Precipitous Events

ACT Fall 2019 Lecture Series | The Inexplicable Wonder of Precipitous Events

As an artistic research program, ACT is perennially concerned with emerging modes of expression that explore evolving forms of knowledge production. In this context, the program’s Fall 2019 Lecture Series asks, “What is art if not an event?”

Philosopher Alain Badiou describes an event as a multiplication of conditions which may not always make sense according to the perceived rules of the ‘situation,’ and which, in coming into being, must provoke, out of a dynamic intervention, something new as that which cannot easily be assigned. The works of the four artists in the Fall 2019 ACT Lecture Series raise some of these same issues in terms of how one might consider the conditions of events in relation to the questions their individual projects explore. Each artist, in different ways, addresses how it is that art functions as an event.

Monday, September 23
Sarah Oppenheimer | fe_20190923: periodic function

fe_20190923: periodic function | Sarah Oppenheimer (September 23, 2019) from ACTMIT on Vimeo.

Monday, October 7
Gediminas Urbonas | Wet Ontologies of the Swamp

ACT’s  Monday Night lecture series draws together artists, scholars, and other cultural practitioners from different disciplines to discuss artistic methodologies and forms of inquiry at the intersection of art, architecture, science, and technology. Each spring and fall semester brings a different thematic focus and the format for each event shifts depending on the visitor(s) and the nature of their presentations and performances.

ACT’s Spring 2019 series is conceived by Judith Barry, ACT Director.