The City of Cambridge’s 19th Amendment Centennial Art Selection Committee will be considering 4 invited shortlisted proposals for a public art project commemorating the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote. One of the shortlisted projects is from ACT’s own Professor Azra Akšamija and her team, and the winning selection will be constructed at Cambridge Common.

At this time of political, social, and environmental crises, the history of the USA is being written and rewritten through the removal and displacement of monuments. As members of the ACT community and audience are interested in the relationship of public art with social justice and democracy, we would like to invite everyone to submit their feedback on the proposals by August 3.

Together with her research and design development team, consisting of Mariana González Medrano (MIT Architecture graduate student), Jaya Eyzaguirre (MIT Architecture alumna), Isadora Dannin (MIT Architecture Student), and Thera Webb (ACT Archivist), Azra has devised The Future to be Rewritten.

Their proposal, The Future to be Rewritten, offers a dignified space for gathering and quiet contemplation about women’s suffrage in the United States, reflecting on the past, present, and the future of voting rights, social justice, and democracy. The project takes the form of a three dimensional palimpsest rendered visible though an arrangement of vertical and horizontal concrete elements.

Recently, Marissa Friedman, ACT’s Communications and Public Programs Coordinator, had the opportunity to speak with the team. Sneak peek: