Sin Cinta Previa + Chuquimarca present Tempo falacioso; Superimposiciones botánicas, an online video presentation of works by Luíza Bastos Lages (SMACT ’20) Nancy D. Valladares (SMACT ’20), and Chucho Ocampo (SMACT ’21). Developed in Reneé Green’s Spring 2020 course Cinematic Migrations,Tempo falacioso; Superimposiciones Botánicas is a selection of video works that look at the technologies and infrastructures that sustained the colonial project, disseminated euro-western epistemologies, and transported colonial projects throughout Latin America. By layering archive footage and oral traditions, history is retold through the alchemy of gunpowder, the slow melting of a pillar of ice, and microscopic worlds of botanical images.

The films reveal the crossings of worlds in their respective geographies, and aim to disobey the temporal lines of history as told by a euro-western lens. Paisagens Ficcionais [Fictional Landscapes] is a slow emergence of the commodification of forms of life and their transit across hemispheres, Castillo unfolds the various geopolitical forces that drive human and more than human migrants in Mexico, and The Density of Breath meditates on botanical exchanges that produced plantation economies and extraction in Latin America.

Tempo falacioso; Superimposiciones Botánicas asks the viewers to reflect on the incommensurability between history, representation, memory and anthropocentric paradigms of domination. This online feature was awarded and selected from our juried SCP+C Open Call 2020. This is the first of two screenings from our open call juried by Malia Haines-Stewart and Giselle Mira-Diaz, generously supported by the Propeller Fund.

Watch Tempo falacioso; Superimposiciones botánicas

Join Bastos Lages, Valladares, and Ocampo for an artists panel discussion on Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 8:30-9:30 PM (EST)

SIN CINTA PREVIA: Latin(a)x & Queer Archive Video Series is a screening and discussion series which archives the video art works, voices and experiences of Afro-descendant, indigenous, queer, trans, women, feminist and diasporic Latinx artists from across the Americas and Caribbean. With a special interest in video artists, experimental filmmakers and documentary makers, Sin Cinta Previa seeks to redress the invisibility and erasure of the historic contributions to political and artistic resistance in video made by queer, trans, non-binary, women, indigenous, Afro-descendant, and diasporic peoples across the Americas and Caribbean.

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