🦗Crickets! A new member of the family is coming into the exhibition 🦗!

Wednesday, October 14
Instagram Live

In the ZKM »Critical Zones« exhibition, the »Swamp Observatory« (2020) by Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonas is currently being set up – due to Covid19, the set-up had to be postponed until now. The installation will consist of four swampian figures (see technical sketch) and will grow parasitically inside the exhibition space. An organism beyond our control.

This Wednesday, October 14 at 1.30pm, during their »Critical [lunch] Break« the ZKM team will talk to the artists and look over their shoulders. As always, you are invited to ask Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonas questions in the Instagram Chat, which will be passed along immediately so that a dialogue develops.

👉 Instagram: www.instagram.com/zkmkarlsruhe
👉 More info: https://zkm.de/en/guidedtour-workshop/2020/10/critical-break-the-set-up-of-an-artwork