Help SA+P students build a future at MIT and beyond

Visit the MIT 24-Hour Micro-Challenge 12:00am – 11:59pm EST on Thursday, March 11 to donate!

Challenge format:

At SA+P, our students are helping to shape our future—but first, we must help shape theirs. With thanks to Emily and Peter Samton AR ’57, the first 50 donors to any of the listed student support funds will unlock a $5,000 matching grant, and the next 25 donors after that will unlock yet another $5,000! Your gift will help us reach our goal of 75 donors, and meet the Samton’s $10,000 challenge.

About the challenge:

Help us bridge the overwhelming gap between the dream of an SA+P degree and the costs involved in attaining it. By significantly expanding fellowship support available to students of Architecture, DUSP, CRE, ACT, and the MIT Media Lab, our school will continue to attract and welcome the most talented students, regardless of their financial circumstances. This will enable us to stay true to our commitment to being an inclusive, diverse community and our reputation for producing the world’s greatest architects, planners, design experts, and real estate professionals—leaders whose impact will be felt long into the future. Your gift during the MIT 24-Hour Challenge will help to alleviate the tuition-related debt that many students now carry after graduation and enable them to pursue their better-world-making ambitions.

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