May 29 – September 26, 2021

At Borås Art Museum, ACT Professor and artist Renée Green presents Space Poem #7 (Color Without Objects: Intra-Active May-Words) (2020), which is composed of twenty-eight double sided banners hanging from the gallery ceiling. Invoking the words of American Swedish poet May Swenson, the work invites viewers into a textual and spatial dialogue with words, color, and form. Space Poem #7 continues Green’s ongoing investigation into transmutation and meaning and its formal and poetical modes of communication.

Renée Green is an artist, writer, and filmmaker known for her highly layered and formally complex multimedia instal­lations in which ideas, perception, and experience are examined from myriad perspectives.

Via films, essays and writings, installations, digital media, architecture, sound-related works, film series and events, her work engages with explorations into cir­cuits of relation and exchange over time, the gaps and shifts in what survives in public and private memories, as well as what has been imagined and invented.

About the Biennial:

In 2021 Borås is celebrating the 400th anniversary of its founding. In conjunction with the festivities, the Biennial will be expanded to include other artistic media and is changing its name to the Borås Art Biennial. The artworks will be exhibited in public spaces throughout the downtown area, along the Viskan River, and at the Borås Art Museum and the Textile Museum of Sweden.

The seventh biennial arranged by Borås Art Museum has the title Deep listening for longing and is curated by Stockholm-based Ulrika Flink and London-based Amanprit Sandhu. The title alludes to the value of being humble enough to listen deeply to each other, to ourselves, and to the world and the environment around us. The theme of the exhibition explores new forms of collectivity, something that is highly topical given the current state of the world.