We invite you to participate in the upcoming UN-WAR exhibition at the Art, Culture, and Technology program at MIT from April 22–June 1, 2022. The exhibition aims to critically reflect on the Culture of War we all live in and contribute to dismantling it through our own proactive work.




The exhibition is launched in conjunction with a collective cultural awareness campaign based on artist Krzysztof Wodiczko’s call to put an end to perpetuating the very idea of war:

“Since the bombing of Hiroshima, we have faced the potential of war as total global nuclear annihilation. In our era of proliferation of nuclear weapons, the key condition for ending wars and maintaining peace on our planet, indeed the key to its very survival, is the disarmament of this culture of war, historically entrenched, even cherished by the nation-states – a dangerous condition from which all humankind suffers.”
– Krzysztof Wodiczko, Professor Emeritus in Art, Culture and Technology program at MIT and Art, Design, and the Public Domain, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, 2015

All are invited to contribute by sending their imaginative, intellectual, experimental reflections in the form of images or texts. Submissions are due by 12pm ET on Monday, April 11!



Selected contributions will be displayed in the ACT Student Art Gallery in the Lower Lobby of E15 Wiesner Building, projected onto the facade of the building, printed and multiplied on the Risograph, disseminated by student-run publishing group ppppress, and promoted on ACT’s social media channels.

We look forward to your contributions!
Azra Aksamija, ACT Director, and the UN-WAR curatorial team of ACT