Christopher Joshua Benton (SMACT) has been awarded a 2022 Emerging Visionary grant from Meta/ Instagram in collaboration with Antwaun Sargent and the Brooklyn Museum. The grant’s mission is to “uplift, center, and invest in Black voices and organizations working in art and design.” Recipients are selected from nearly 2,000 applications by a committee of acclaimed Black artists and designers. The 30,000 USD grant is awarded with the support of Meta Open Arts.

“Through the Emerging Visionary grant, Meta/ Instagram desires to encourage artists, designers, and small business owners to think in expansive ways.” Christopher is well on that path. With Meta/Instagram’s generous support, his vision of people bettering themselves, understanding their place on the planet, and feeling with the people around them is one step closer.

Christopher works across installation, sculpture, photography, and film to explore how the working class uses culture and innovation to stage resistance to postcolonial and neoliberal forces. Christopher’s years living in the United Arab Emirates inspire his work, as he interacts closely with communities to instigate collaboration and share stories of power, labor, and hope.