to speak with intense expression

a device for performing a task

a sudden loud penetrating cry, expressing anger, terror or pain

an instrument that transmits or modifies the application of power or force

to make violent protestations

a structure or constructed thing whether material or immaterial

to move with a screaming sound

an assemblage of parts that transmit forces, motion and energy one to another in some predetermined manner and to some desired end

to produce a vivid startling effect

a person or organization that acts like or resembles a machine

Gearoid Dolan is an Irish artist, living and working in New York since 1987 when they started branding their work “screaMachine”.
ScreaMachine is realized in the form of installations, performances, audio and video works, films, digital media art and more.
These works are by nature experimental, pushing the boundaries of new media, experiential and time based art.
They are works that are flexible and that can have many incarnations.