The Art, Culture, and Technology program at MIT is seeking a graduate student to work as the producer of an undergraduate art exhibition, an art event, and as a designer of various research/pedagogical displays in the public areas of the program. The goal is to have the exhibition and research displays mounted in early August with an opening event scheduled as part of the Arts on the Radar event on September 9. The position will be approximately 20-25 hours per week during the summer. Payment is $23/hr.

The producer will work closely with faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders to execute the exhibits and help with the art events. Execution will involve developing ideas and a design proposition for the exhibition and corridor displays, writing text for the web and other publicity outlets, working with students, faculty, and staff to collect materials, install and de-install the exhibit, assist with the art events, and being the primary point of reference for multiple stakeholders.

If interested, please send your CV and a portfolio to Prof. Azra Akšamija at by Monday, June 27.

The detailed job description can be downloaded here: Student Producer.

Principal Duties

  • Work to understand the goals and objectives of the exhibition and the research displays
  • Create a design for the exhibition and research displays
  • Research and visualize possible materials and design iterations for the exhibits
  • Project production and coordination skills
    • People coordination: working with students, staff, MIT colleagues, artists/guests, and possible vendors
    • Working the ACT staff to produce and market the Undergraduate exhibition.
    • Exhibition production: creating and installing exhibitions related to the ACT undergraduate courses
  • Installation and de-installation of projects and/or exhibitions (not limited to art)
  • Draft exhibition text and labels for displayed artworks
  • Meeting coordination between key stakeholders. It will be important to keep all parties informed about the status of each exhibit
  • Set up visitor schedules as needed and hire gallery staff to meet and greet gallery guests and discuss the work being displayed
  • Work with ACT staff to get permissions (exhibition, building) and make payments as needed, e.g., honoraria