Ishraki Kazi incorporates durational performances, interactive technology, audiovisual media, and tattooing to explore philosophical questions. Through their work, they investigate pre-conditioned paradigms surrounding language, time, perception, and being.

They operate a private tattoo studio as an alternative safe space for body modifications and develop experimental technological environments for augmenting conscious perception.

They volunteered across Asia and Europe on various humanitarian projects. They worked with migrant populations at the Azadi Community center in Obrenovac, Serbia, and Mikseliste in Belgrade, Serbia. They also lived on a village farm to learn about remote living at the Chintapu Medicinal and Agricultural Farm in Ilam, Nepal.

Ishraki has participated in multiple art residencies including, Arts, Letters, and Numbers in Averill Park, NY, and at The Public Works Department in Governors Island, NY. They received their Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from The Cooper Union and are pursuing their Master of Science (MS) in Art, Culture, and Technology at MIT.

Instagram: @monkiwarrior