Tobias Putrih
Sergio Galaz-García
MW 9:30-12:30

As our knowledge, habits, preferences and movement through different surveillance systems become market commodities, we will explore strategies to think about how our awareness of what we know and what we are able to design can serve as a tool for manipulation, obfuscation and mimicry – for playing and having fun while confronting and questioning systems of power.  

 How can the knowledge you bring to the table be used for the creation and materialization of a dissenting object?

 For this, we will try to establish first a link between your knowledge and your making practices. Taking no things for granted, the first step to establish this rapport will be to figure what it is exactly what you know, and how your overall knowledge is different from that of your peers. We will map personal knowledge territory and explore how it overlaps with others’.

This cognitive mapping will allow us find areas of possible collaboration, and will become an instrument to learn how to harness the power of collective intelligence while thinking, playing, sketching, designing and ultimately building objects–models, prototypes, sculptures or environments.

Additional work required of students taking graduate version. Limited to 20.