Renée Green & Jesal Kapadia
Kwan Queenie Li
Lab Fee
W 2-5

This course focuses on the agency generated and exerted in affective material endeavors, broadly defined as probing the myriad ways emotions felt in the body are linked to matter, and the forms that both emotions and matter may take. Despite a seeming dependency on the digital realm, as fatigue of digital forms increases with saturated use, and as distances are bridged by inevitable online exchanges, efforts to shift and incorporate attention in relation to matter and presence is noticeably increasing. The wish for palpable contact is becoming more apparent in forms that can circulate. These include the increased interest in matter, including printed matter, or matter in space, as in to be in space with others, for example. Books, journals, magazines, posters, vinyl records, cassettes, and hand-engaged processes continue to exist and thrive, amidst futuristic projections of the late 20th and early 21st century that seemed to doom these formats to obsolescence. Circulating Circuits will explore the ways in which agency and circulation continue throughout moments of distance and confinement. Physical presence continues in new forms in books, publications, and printing, in voices, in bodies, in thought. Given our conscious self-isolation prompted by our current predicament, these experiments and enactments of forms are accompanied by explorations of emotions in conjunction with body-sense perceptions, as none of these have been paused by the pandemic. Participants are urged to explore these potential intersections in relation to works, writings, publications and forms they are developing and researching, wherever they are located. The course exists as a combination workshop/study group/seminar and will include case studies and guest participants involved with varied forms of publishing, exhibition, and diffusion.

This course will be hybrid in Fall 2021, with an exact format to be determined.