Chucho (Jesús) Ocampo Aguilar
Luca Senise
Lab Fee
TR 930-1230

4.301 – Intro to Artistic Experimentation: Share, Improvise, Record, Duplicate

If the principles for a shared understanding of any environment and its scales must be understood, built, and questioned collectively, how can we generate critical artistic processes that are thought collaboratively?  What is the relation between experimentation, improvisation, and method? and what would be the role of time-based media and duplication instrumentarium in these matters?  

Share, Improvise, Record, Duplicate introduces students to the historic, cultural, and environmental forces affecting both the development of an artistic vision and the reception of a work of art. Share aims to introduce collective and collaborative ways of working; Improvise employs systems of chance and dérive theory, as well as questions about method -or lack of method- in science and artmaking; Record experiments with time-based media to translate ideas to form. Finally, Duplicate utilizes printmaking and repetition as an artistic strategy to disseminate the students’ work.   

This course introduces experimental artistic practice and critical visual thinking through four studio-based exercises using different scales and media. Through hands on work, collaborative thinking, lectures, presentations, walks, performances, listening sessions, and collaborative explorations, students will explore sculptural, architectural, performative artistic methods; video and sound art; site interventions and strategies for artistic engagement in the public realm.  

Students from all disciplines and backgrounds are encouraged and welcome to enroll.