Marisa Morán Jahn
Yuping (Rae) Hsu
Lab Fee
$ 75
u 3-3-6
TW 2pm–5pm

This hands-on studio course introduces artistic practice and critical visual thinking through three projects that explore sculpture, architecture, performance, video, sound art, site interventions, and strategies for artistic engagement in the public realm. Lectures, screenings, guest presentations, field trips, readings, and debates supplement studio practice.

This course draws inspiration from the notion of a “daemon.” For ancient Greeks, a daemon referred to a divinity, a being betwixt and between humans and the supernatural, an inner spirit, or inspiring force.

Open to undergraduates only. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to enroll. For more information, contact

Students taking a production-based ACT class will be charged a $75 lab fee after the add date on a semester basis. The fee covers the cost of student production materials used as part of the class. SMACT graduate students are exempt from the lab fee.  

Open to undergraduates only.