Lara Baladi
u 3-3-6, g 3-3-3/3-3-6
TR 2pm–5pm

This introductory course in photography and related media provides practical instructions in the fundamentals of digital imaging.

Through lectures, readings, projects, film screenings, visiting artists’ presentations and critic sessions, the course introduces students to the history of photography and the use of images in contemporary art practices. It fosters, both theoretically and practically, media literacy, from analogue to digital imaging.

Throughout the semester, students work on assignments on individual and collaborative projects. They explore a range of traditional, contemporary and experimental visual art practices, while developing awareness of the history of technological and cultural production of images.

Weekly assignments are continuously assessed in a critical forum. The production of a project is required at the end of the semester.

Students from various disciplines are encouraged to enroll. Limited Enrollment.

No pre-requisite. No specific equipment is required.