Jesal Kapadia
u 3-3-6, g 3-3-6/3-3-3
W 7pm–10pm
e15-001 e15-207

Explores performance in relation to the body as a space of resistance, the collective body and its powers, and performative acts that blur boundaries between art and life. Students trace gestures of care and conviviality by enacting scores, altering screens and other walls that divide us, reclaiming time, undoing categories that alienate our bodies from life itself. Activities include contact improvisation, walking, reading, screening and discussing theoretical, historical and contemporary issues in performance art, including several performance-based projects throughout the semester.

click to view full poster – 4.361/2 | performance art workshop: walking anew

Class meets regularly on Wednesdays from 7-10pm. Recitation will be by appointment.

This class is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Prereq: 4.301, 4.302, or permission of instructor.

Students from various disciplines are encouraged to enroll and to integrate media and genres including​ poetry, writing, dance, theater, acting, storytelling, drawing, video and other image-making practices, architecture, design, sculpture, etc. 

Additional work is required at the graduate level, which includes a variable unit option.