Gearóid Dolan
U / G
Lab Fee
Per-term $75 fee after Add Date; SMACT students are exempt
0-3-6 U / G
R 2-5pm

Students will learn the basics of capturing documentary footage and sounds in real world scenarios. Learn to navigate the ethics and complexities of capturing “reality” and depicting real people and representing “truth”.

Students will learn how to edit for the desired final product, be it a film or alternative medium such as interactive, web, installation, location intervention and more.

From Robert Flaherty (Silent Era) to John Grierson (British Model) to Morin & Rouch (Cinema Verite) to George Stoney (Community Engagement) to Errol Morris (Epistomological Interview) to Adam Curtis (Journalistic Essay), learn the history and context of documentary and the various ways people have attempted to represent the real world, including newer hybrid forms that mix fiction and non-fiction and non-linear interactive works.

Students will produce a documentary short on the subject and in the medium of their choice.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor