Pedro Reyes & Carla Fernández
R 7-10 & F 930-1230
R E15-001 & F E15-283a

The Reverse Engineering of Warfare: Challenging Techno-optimism and Reimagining the Defense Sector- an Opera for the End of Time

Reimagine the ethos of the Defense Sector and challenge the contemporary pervasiveness of technology through experimental performance, music and sculpture.

Through the use of performative techniques and conflict resolution theory, this course will explore ethical questions underlying the relationship between technology and security through the design and enactment of a multimedia performance whose plot, script, and stage setting will be designed by the class participants. This undertaking will be informed by topics such as imperialism, defense budgets, representations of violence in pop culture, the history of engineering and military technology, and global imbalances created by the Western fixation on technological advancement.

Artist Pedro Reyes and designer Carla Fernández will share their experience in applying innovative and unexpected techniques and resources including interactive installations, sound sculptures, agit-prop and interventions. As part of this course on politically and socially-engaged practices, students may design costumes or instruments, compose or direct performances, or experiment with new creative processes.

This course also includes an optional field trip to New York to visit exhibitions and meet with artists and curators.

No arts experience required, open to all students.

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