ACT offers a diverse range of subjects, from courses exploring media that include photography, video, and sound, to examinations of cinema, public art, and the intersections of art and culture in the public sphere.

Students looking to explore ACT offerings start by taking either Introduction to Artistic Experimentation (4.301) or Foundations in Art, Design, and Spacial Practices for Architecture Majors (4.302). Both of these subjects introduce students to artistic practice and aesthetic analysis through studio work and lectures. Projects evolve through stages of conceptual and material development to final presentation. Upon completion of 4.301 or 4.302, or with permission of the instructor students can take more advanced subjects in the Program. Emphasis is placed on conceptual development and experimental approaches to studio production in both traditional and new media. Artistic practices range from the personal narrative of the video diary to collaborative public projects that invite community participation.

Undergraduate students looking to further their studies can declare a HASS minor in Art, Culture and Technology, or fulfill their HASS Concentration Requirement within ACT. More information can be found at the pages linked below or on the Department of Architecture website. The HASS Concentration and Minor Advisor for 2021-2022 is Professor Nida Sinnokrot.