For information or assistance regarding the ACT Concentration, contact:

Professor Nida Sinnokrot, Concentration Advisor,
ACT Academic Associate, 

Concentration in Art, Culture, and Technology

Four subjects are required from two groups of study, three from Group A and one from Group B.

Group A — 3 subjects

Introductory Subjects
4.301  Introduction to Artistic Experimentation
4.302 Foundations in Art, Design and Spatial Practices
4.320 Introduction to Sound Creations
4.322 Introduction to Three-dimensional Art Work
4.341 Introduction to Photography and Related Media
4.354 Introduction to Video and Related Media

Intermediate / Advanced Subjects
4.307 Art, Architecture, and Urbanism in Dialogue
4.314 Advanced Workshop in Artistic Practice and Transdisciplinary Research
4.344 Advanced Photography and Related Media
4.352 Advanced Video and Related Media
4.356 Cinematic Migrations
4.361 Performance Art Workshop
4.368 Studio Seminar in Public Art / Public Space
4.373 Advanced Projects in ACT

Group B— 1 subject

Choose one subject from Group A in the History of Architecture, Art and Design section of the Concentration list.