Cross-registration with the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) is available only to full-time undergraduate students.

All subjects will be graded Pass/Fail and cannot be used to fulfill GIR (including HASS), departmental, or minor requirements. Subjects can be counted as unrestricted elective only. No more than half a student’s term registration may be taken at another institution.

The Academic Associate can answer any questions. You may also wish to consult your academic advisor prior to pursuing cross-registration.

Your first step is to reach out to the MassArt instructor or department of your choice to inquire about the possibility of cross-registering and confirm the course details. You will then submit your request to the Transfer Credit Examiner (TCE), who is a designated member of the faculty of the Art, Culture, and Technology (ACT) program at MIT. The 2021-2022 TCE is Professor Nida Sinnokrot. In order to review your request, the TCE will need:

  • a  completed cross-registration form: download form
  • a brief explanation of why you want to take the class
  • a copy of the class syllabus and/or description

You may email the materials to the TCE, or drop them off in E15-209; copy the Academic Associate if you email them. The Transfer Credit Examiner will review your material; if approved, you will receive the signed cross-registration form.

After getting approval from the TCE, you will need to collect the following signatures in the order listed:

  • Your MIT Advisor
  • MassArt Instructor
  • MassArt Registrar

When you have received your final signature, you should:

  • make two copies of the signed form
  • submit the original to the MassArt Registrar’s Office
  • keep one copy for your own records
  • submit a copy to the MIT Student Services Center, 11-120

The last day to cross register is the MIT Add Date, which is generally in early March / early October. 

Warning to final term seniors: Grades are not guaranteed to be entered onto your record in time for graduation, so do not cross-register if you need this elective credit to graduate. Students must abide by the rules of both MIT and MassArt. The course you are taking must be offered for credit at MassArt (not a continuing education program class). 12 MIT units will be awarded for one MassArt class.

MIT students will not incur additional tuition costs when enrolling in a class at MassArt through the cross-registration program. However, the program is only active for the fall and spring terms. Students wishing to take classes at MassArt during the summer need to register directly with the school and pay regular associated costs such as tuition.