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Image courtesy of ppppress, 2022.
Image courtesy of ppppress, 2022.

February 10, 2022, 12:30 pm2:00 pm

Collaborative tools and practices, history, present and future of ppppress
Thursday, February 10
ACT Cube

Speakers: Emma Yimeng Zhu, Chucho Ocampo

Recent graduates, as well as inaugural post-graduate residents of the Art, Culture, and Technology (ACT) program at MIT, Emma Yimeng Zhu (SMACT ’21) and Chucho Ocampo (SMACT ’21) will share the story of ppppress, a student and alumni-run publishing project within ACT.

They will also introduce various way to collaborate with ppppress and how to do research with the resources of ppppress.

They will also speak about how ppppress came to be, and the opportunities for undergraduate students to collaborate and contribute to developing ppppress through UROP.

*Deadline to apply for UROP funding is 2/15.

*ppppress is a student and alumni-run publishing project within ACT. In an effort to bring printed-media back into the ever-growing presence of the virtual and the screen, we have created a publishing project that dances between the digital and the analog, between high tech and craft, between silkscreen and photocopy. A Risograph, a perfect binding machine, a guillotine, a silkscreen, a press, a digital duplicator. A mimeograph married to a xerox machine with a scanning bed on top.


About the artists:
Chucho (Jesús) Ocampo Aguilar is a Mexican artist and architect. At the heart of his practice lies the concern of how, through interfaces, workshops, walking, and appropriation of spaces can we misuse, misinterpret, and detour deterministic conceptions of our milieu. Using drifting/erring as a tool, Chucho seeks to challenge preconceptions around scale, use-function, migration, bureaucracy, citizenship, and our relation to the more than human entities. He recently graduated from the Science Master in Art, Culture, and Technology program at MIT, where he cofounded ppppress, a student run independent press. In parallel, Ocampo works as creative director and partner in dérive LAB: an art, architecture, and urbanism firm with projects related to housing, urban design, public space interventions and cultural management, and is cofounder of BEMA: a cultural center in Queretaro, Mexico.

Emma Yimeng Zhu 朱艺蒙, from Beijing, China, is a 2021 graduate of the Art, Culture, and Technology at MIT. She received her bachelor’s degree in architecture from Cornell University in 2019. Emma identifies herself as an artist that works in-between the context of visual art and architecture. Emma has a strong interest in the parasitic and endocytosed relationship between human body and architectural space. Through a diverse range of media, including physical and virtual installation, performance, and video, Emma investigates the elasticity of this relationship. In 2020 Spring Emma was an artist in residence at Pioneer Works. Most recently she co-founded ppppress at MIT with the support of a CAMIT Grant. Emma is also the co-founder of 坐北朝南, an architectural design studio in Beijing.