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June 27, 2023July 8, 2023

ACT Student Gallery
Wiesner Building, MIT E15
20 Ames Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

An immersive art installation that allows you to experience an environment controlled by microbes

Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 27 from 5-7:30pm
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Open for viewing:
Thursday, June 29, 12-3pm
Friday, June 30, 12-3 pm and 5-8pm
Thursday July 6, 12-3pm
Friday July 7, 12-3 pm and 5-8pm
Saturday July 8, 1-4pm
Reserve your free ticket HERE

Our existence depends on relationships with living and nonliving entities that are far outside the scope of mutual perception. How can we cultivate an intimacy with these entities? How does this intimacy shape and destroy us? This interactive installation from Aubrie James (SMACT ’24) and Caitlin Morris (MIT Media Lab, PhD candidate) animates and amplifies human-microbe entanglements to bring us even closer to our symbionts.

The opening reception will feature a panel between artists Caitlin Morris, Aubrie James, and respondents Tobias Putrih (ACT lecturer), and Lucy Kim (Boston University).

Safety and accessibility: The installation will have variable sound, gently pulsating light, and will be in a dim room. Please also be advised that the installation features latex. The installation and gallery are wheelchair accessible.