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November 26, 2012

Krista Lynes, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies Department, Concordia University in Montreal, Canada

In his critical analysis of postmodern culture, Fredric Jameson asserted that the particular temporality of video, its “total flow,” bound apparatus and subject in a new kind of materialism governed by measurement, a machinic time closer to the chronometer than the cinema. This produced a “kaleidoscopic” image of distinct streams whose historicism was revealed by the very organization of videographic space and time. Professor Lynes’s talk will extend Jameson’s insights to questions of representation and cultural production under the current crises and failures of market structures in the 21st century, and the (speculative, generative) co-incidences between protest movements around the globe, focusing specifically on artworks that juxtapose chronometric and cinematic time.

Krista Lynes’ writing has been included in the journals Signs and Third Text, as well as the anthology Space (Re)Solutions: Intervention and Research in Visual Culture (2011). Her book, Prismatic Media, Transnational Circuits: Feminism in a Globalized Present, is forthcoming in Palgrave Macmillan’s “Global Cinema” series in 2013.